Are you trying to improve your fitness and make some changes about the food choices you make?  Do you want to see progress and sustainable results that work for the long term, not just for a holiday? This is how a women’s only online membership site can help you achieve your goals (not someone else’s). 

VickiPT Online Membership Site is a women’s only online membership site and has over 100 women all striving to find the best version of themselves with no dieting involved! REAL coaching! Education! REAL women from a REAL coach!

Nutrition principles for life

With the right advice and support eating well is actually really simple.  If you have been used to consuming diet foods, then you are in for a real treat! Eating regulalry throughout the day, so you never feel hungry or dissatisfied! Meals that are full of flavour, colour and unbelievably satisfying.

My women’s only online membership site has so much inspiration for fantastic meals.  There are ebooks for slow cooking, homemade take-aways, zingy salads, meals that can be ready speedily and super soups.  Everything is covered!

Fitness designed around your life and commitments

Have you ever joined a gym, made a detour to get there before or after work and then by the time you get there all the equipment you want to use is taken? Or, stood in the gym thinking ‘I really don’t know what to use’ and then spent the next 45 minutes on the treadmill bored rigid?  That feeling is deflating and the experience demotivating.

BUT, what if there was another way? A way that you could get a challenging workout without having to make a detour? In fact, without having to leave your house!  The answer – a women’s only online membership site that has programmes that can be done at home or in a gym and that change every month.  So, as you get more confident and stronger, then so does your own personal programme!

Getting into the right head space

You may have tried various diets before that haven’t worked out for whatever reason. Mindset plays a big part in your personal success and my women’s only online membership site has a whole section on how to recognise your current mindset and then change it.

Written by my dedicated mindset guru (who is always on hand to help you), she explains via a number of videos why we make the choices we do, and how they gradually become habit, making it harder to change. This amazing lady also gives you the right tools for change through templates and mindset tasks for you to use. This way you can change any habitual behaviours for life! A brand new ebook called ’12 Weeks To Freedom’ is ready and waiting for you to get going!

Why online?

Being part of a women’s only online membership site gives you the tools to write your own success story – nutrition, training, mindset (in depth!!) and in your own time.   There is a multitude of support available on tap – personal contact, supportive private forum, training programmes written by a professional personal trainer, mindset guru and everything you need to know about nutrition. You will feel like the coach is there with you all the time, and that’s because I am!

I have members all over the country and some are overseas members which is SUPER COOL! My approach is simple……..sustainable principles for long term fat loss!  I have made the site more than affordable so that my women can STAY, make the site their platform to change their health, mind & body

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