I daily see people in the gym doing the same thing, their routine for the past 25 years, going from one piece of cardio equipment to the next, finishing with some of the weighted resistance machines and some token sit ups at the end.

I am asked by those same people “why does my body never change”? “i train 7 days a week”? “i really sweat”? “i am there for a full hour and a half” “i burn 750 calories”?

The truth is their body is bored, the same routine is having no effect anymore because its been done for too long. Also, long duration cardio is not an effective way to lose fat, achieve optimal strength and fitness or more importantly change your body! How many calories you burn in a session does not determine how much fat you will lose because of that workout. How much you sweat and leave bright red does not always show you have had an incredible workout.

With my clients i constantly change it up, 4 week programmes, different repetitions, different tempos, some months they will do HIIT 5 times and weights 2 times, some months HIIT will be once per week and weights 4 times per week. It is so important that you vary your workouts, concentrate on quality and not quantity……..i.e. a 30 minute training session using big muscle groups through big bang exercises such as squats will be far more beneficial than a 90 minute cardio session. Also, 3 times per week may be optimal to you rather than 7 times per week, there is such thing as over training, which can almost be as bad as no training. Your training should build you up not wear you down and run you down. Pay attention to your lifestyle and listen to your body…….if 6 days per week makes you feel great then keep doing it! If 6 days per week leaves you tired, run down, sore and over trained then drop it….try 3 times per week and go from there.

Top tip is to lift weights!


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