2 children (4 & almost 2), a home, a husband, 2 dogs and a very full time business. For some time those things were my excuse to not get my act together and concentrate on me and my post natal body. It took a long time 2nd time around but eventually when my 2nd baby was around a year old i decided it was time for me.

Being a personal trainer there are all these expectations that i should have been “back in my jeans” before i left the delivery suite…..reality……..i am a “normal” women, my body had gone through the same trauma as everyone else and my body just doesn’t “go back”, its taken hard work, determination, sweat and many many tears!

Baby number 2 changed my body, i carried her differently, the hormones were clearly different and i didn’t recognise my body for over a year post natal. For some time it really got me down, i started to believe that this was my body now, i was sleep deprived (neither of my children sleep!) and just exhausted from “life”. However, i woke up one day and decided to sort my s**t out!

It took and is still taking time but i really feel my body is more me again. Is it easy? NO!! Its blooming hard work, I’ve had to get up and train whilst my babies still sleep, i food prep until 11pm some nights but i feel my confidence in my body is slowly coming back.

Why have i wrote this blog post? I train a lot of post natal (whether this is 6 weeks or 6 years!) women and i want to reach out to as many of you as possible to say “we are in this together” and it is “normal” for your body to recover slowly. There are so many pictures on social media of women having a 6 pack after their 3rd child reaches 3 months old…….this is NOT real, these women are just one of a small minority that do not struggle (there are some!) You are YOU, unique and a women……….we grow small human beings, this is pretty amazing, so enjoy your babies, make small changes to start making you feel like you and go with the post natal process.

Get a personal trainer/post natal specialist to help you, make changes to your diet, they will provide you with a training plan that works for you and YOUR life and body and most importantly have patience 🙂

Big respect to all the mummies out there!!

My Progress

ME! 1 year post natal to now, my journey is well on its way!! 🙂

My Progress 2

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