One of the most common things i hear from women especially, is “i hardly eat but cannot lose weight”. Media, conflicting nutritional information and crash dieting companies have a lot to answer for in terms of Female health and women not being able to lose weight.

The human body is just like a car…….it needs fuel to keep going, if you are driving a lot or a long way it needs regular fuelling and most importantly it needs the right fuel – putting unleaded into a diesel is not going to get you very far!


Basically, calorie counting, under eating, low fat eating, crash dieting and skipping meals all contribute to the metabolism freaking out and slowing down and the body not doing what you want it to do. Women are very complex creatures and need a lot more fine tuning with excellent nutrition and the right exercise. This is true more in females than males.

Regular eating and prioritising proteins can really change how you feel, act and of course look. Try a high protein breakfast like a spinach, mushroom and feta cheese omelette and see how much more energy you have rather than skipping breakfast or eating a big bowl of cereal! Then try eating every 3 hours throughout the day, lots of leafy greens, lean proteins, limit fruit and really nourish your body. Once you start making changes you will see improvements in your mood, you will wake feeling rested, you will get a lot more done and you will start to see those pounds falling off.

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