There is so much information out there on how to lose weight and how to maintain weight loss – I think too much information. My biggest bit of advise to my clients is to put your trust into just one person to teach you and lead you on your journey to long term fat loss and maintaining it as part of your daily lifestyle. Follow their principles and take it on whole heartedly as a long term plan and not a quick fix.

Here are my top 5 tips for maintained fat loss;

Eat Regularly
Try to eat every 3-4 hours and never leave 6+ hours between “feeds”

Use Coconut Oil And Full Fat Products
Ditch the fry light, use olive oil only as a cold dressing and get coconut oil into your life! Its an amazing, life changing fat with huge amounts of health benefits. Also, get rid of the low fat chemical storm and get real, natural products into your diet

I cannot preach this enough. Quick fixes, 90 day plans, 2 week fast track plans etc are all great to get you motivated but the real long term goals are achieved through consistently eating well, make it part of your life and make your fat loss plan a journey to change your life

Never Strive For Perfection
This is important. Life is for living……..going out for drinks with friends, going out for a meal, eating some chocolate or eating something you really love is not going to make you gain 100lb’s! Eat well most of the time and do not beat yourself up if you do not. I find with clients that a eating a “cheat” can spiral them into a week of “cheats” because of a feeling of failure. If you eat something you think you shouldn’t then just move on, this is life, the more you relax and take the pressure off yourself the better you will do!

Keep Your Caution Carbs Down To 1 Or 2 Small Portions Daily
Caution carbs are the starchy, more heavier carbs……i.e. potato, rice, bread etc. Keep them for your post training meal or just 1 meal per day, a time that works for you. Some people need 2 portions per day, listen to your body.

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