Motivation In Lockdown Life……..Something Over Nothing

I hear you!! Lockdown life is tough, its groundhog day everyday, its boring, it feels so never ending and in turn we feel sluggish, tired and seriously lacking in that thing we are all longing for which is motivation!

Motivation……do we all just have it?

This word is thrown around the fitness industry as something we should all just have! Reality here, its not something that we all “just have” or we all “should” be brimming with! Yes some people have oodles of it, others have to work really hard at it. The truth is, motivation comes and comes more regularly once we start using it!

Let me break this down

Exercise is one of those things that if we do it more often we get to see the true benefit of it rather than the time it takes up, therefore, the FEELING it gives us (if we do it consistently enough to really feel that benefit) gives us that motivation to do it! A motivation that perhaps wasn’t there at the start………..

Essentially, you may have to START with zero motivation to do something but this doesn’t mean you do not start your journey! I see women NOT starting their fat loss, fitness or health journey because they have no motivation, but if you wait for it to arrive you may never start!!

Tough love coming up………

If you continue to NOT start because motivation is not showing up for you then guess what? You will always stay STUCK feeling rubbish about yourself forever! Motivation is NOT going to show up on your doorstep on a “perfect” day for you to ”start”

The Answer……….

Do SOMETHING! If you exercised once per week its better than doing nothing at all! How about focusing on improving your health by 30% then you will feel 30% better than you do right now! If one of your meals is full of veggies and protein then thats an improvement on none!

We have to stop focusing on this word motivation and actually just do SOMETHING. Motivation will grow as you grow on your journey. The most important part is to just start, no matter what. Not sure how? Get help! Its not weak to get help, its smart!! I have said this so many times before, if someone can help you get there quicker then what the hell are you waiting for!

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