The question is…….do you have no will power? Are you lazy? Or are you just human? Like the rest of us!! Children stealing our sleep (yep in my case!), long working hours (yep again!!), Wanting to live life (Yep, me again!!) We all have things that get in the way that lead us to not getting it right all of the time. What does this lead to……GUILT……that dreaded emotion which makes it all go wrong!

Everyday i see people that are suffering from serious cases of GUILT (errrrggggg that horrible emotion we all wish we could get rid of!) whether it be from food, drink, children related, husband related, working too much, working too little, not training enough, we all feel it in some shape or form.

In regard to food and what we are eating (or what we are not!) it is SELF SABOTAGE, the more guilt we feel, the more emotional we get, the more “off track” or “off the wagon” we go. We all must start accepting what doesn’t go right, high five the good times and MOVE ON! Stop depriving yourself and bullying yourself into being “perfect”……its not real, there is no perfect, we are all HUMAN. There will be days that you sink a bottle of wine with dinner that isn’t “on plan”……How nice, enjoy it, then wake up the next day and get back to eating well. There is no such thing as perfect eating for long durations, life is about enjoyment and if that involves your fave foods then so be it……just learn to limit and not use as a reward! Eat some chocolate because you genuinely enjoy it, not because you have had a long, terrible day and it makes you feel “better”. This is all easier said then done……for many, these habits are deep set and you will need to find a good PT or coach to guide you, teach you and for someone for you to be accountable to.

Eating well and a having a healthy lifestyle for fat loss does NOT mean you must strictly limit yourself, deprive yourself and only live and breath what you eat and drink. Its about balance and being able to maintain that healthy lifestyle for long term effective fat loss. NOTE; If you are training to become a physique model / bodybuilder etc then YES you have to restrict, weigh food, limit and deprive…….the above is for “normal” everyday people that want to find their “happy bod”………….for women this is CONFIDENCE in their body, getting dressed and looking in the mirror and being happy with what they see, healthy fat loss, curves in all the right places and a healthy relationship with food.

Take each day as it comes, nourish your body and whatever lifestyle you lead……stick to it BUT ACCEPT you can never be perfect, challenge yourself when its needed and always remember WE ARE ALL HUMAN!!

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