Perfection!! Is it real? Have i ever reached “perfect”? NO! With every aspect of life people are constantly striving for perfection but really what is it and is it achievable and is it REAL?

What is perfection? In my field women are constantly striving for body perfection and sadly its usually wanting to look like someone else. 9 times out of 10 this is totally unachievable and just leaves a women feeling continuously like a failure. My aim and my goal with my clients is to try and get them thinking differently……..BE YOU, be the best you, embrace your “problem areas” and improve them best to YOUR body’s abilities.

If you have short, shapely legs then EMBRACE them!! Lift weights, build muscle and make them powerful!! Make them solid, lean but still shapely……..stop striving for the size 8 pins, the thigh gap and start working on your shape and what you have. When you do, you will start to love your body and your shape rather than striving for what you can’t have. We are all unique, have different shapes and this is great!!

Finding what works for your body shape is the hard bit…….its taken or taking (yep still fine tuning!!) me 15 years to find what works for my body – I’m close now 🙂 but unless you get a professional to help you, you may keep going around in circles, feeling a failure and sabotaging your sucess!

Start loving your body, its unique, its one of a kind, its not the same as anyone else, why would you want it to be! Embrace YOU, start making the best of YOU and watch your self esteem/confidence grow!


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