Many women are avoiding weight training because they fear it will make them big or bulky. This is a myth and could not be further from the truth. Women’s most common goals i hear are “i want to tone”, “i want my body to feel tighter” and “i want my legs to not wobble for minutes after i stop walking”. The only way this can be achieved is through weight training and heavy weight training specifically.

Weight training in some instances can indeed make you “big” or “bulky” but this is in extreme cases……for example, the women training is wanting to be a body builder, the diet is carb and sugar heavy or drug use is present. The average woman wanting to sculpt her body must weight train to achieve tone, tighter muscles and a leaner body. Couple weight training with a clean, healthy diet and you will see results fast. Us women do not have the testosterone levels like a man does to build big bulky muscle!


My advice for optimal results is to weight train alongside some HIIT training. For me this has provided my clients with optimal results. Build the muscle with weights and strip the fat with HIIT.

Do not be afraid to lift weights girls, not only do they sculpt the body and make you look and feel amazing but they also make you feel like a strong, confident female!!

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