We live in the most fat phobic society, skimmed milk, low fat this, low fat that, cut the fat off everything, spray calorie free fat etc. Why?

Fat is vital to our wellbeing, it fuels us, gives us energy, nourishes our skin, hair and nails and most importantly, in this case its important i say……helps us burn fat! Without vital essential fats we cannot lose fat efficiently. If our brain had a checklist on what we need on a daily basis fat would be up high on it to be ticked off daily.

Low fat foods are generally high sugar or have been changed from its natural format to something else, usually full of chemicals. What is wrong with eating natural products that once a long time ago was essential to our wellbeing and survival?

So what fats can you bring into your diet? Switch from that awful fry light to coconut oil……for your information, fry light is just rancid fat, is seen to the body as a “non food” and toxic! Coconut oil is one of life’s miracles. Eat 1/2 an avocado a day. Use ground flaxseeds on yoghurts and salads. Use full fat, hard butter, not spreadable. For the same reasoning as fry light. Put a full fat dressing on your salads and most importantly start enjoying real, natural, nourishing food.


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