People put themselves under so much pressure to go to the gym 5-6 times per week…….this is for 2-4 weeks then given up because they are exhausted, run down, ill or totally had enough and bored!


My advice is go 1-2 times per week, get consistency and see your body really changing. Consistency in my eyes is the most underestimated part of training. Make training a part of your life, not just a short term goal fix, learn to enjoy it and make it part of your every week without fail.

After that consistency of 1-2 times per week is there then try adding more sessions, by this point you will probably want to add more because you are loving your new body and are actually enjoying going to the gym and cannot see it not being in your life. For some people its 3 months and they are hooked, for others it can be a year+.

Overall, never make training your chore, this is something to enjoy, provide escapism for you and build you up and make you feel better. Before you know it you will be training 4 times a week because you want to and enjoy every minute!



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