The perfect body and images of perfection = self sabotage!

A huge mistake I see DAILY is women striving for the perfect body and images of perfection – whether it be about their body, what they’ve eaten, how much they’ve trained. The list is endless and not realistic. 

Perfection can just mean misery

Always striving for these “perfect” things leads to massive disappointment, feelings of failure and self sabotage.. What about you? Ever caught yourself saying ‘if only I had legs like her…’ or ‘it’s ok for her, she’s got the perfect body…’ I certainly have been guilty of that over the years, but thankfully I have learned to love myself and the body I have been given! 

There is NO SUCH thing as the perfect body or life – everyone’s perception of perfect is different. Your body is unique just like you, it’s one of a kind and it will NEVER be like anyone else’s and that is a massive positive! You have to work with what you were given! The perfect body is the one you have been given, so show it some respect!

Keep it simple!

My advice you to you would be to strive for the best YOUR body can be through simple, good nutrition:

  • Feed it whole foods
  • Follow a basic set of principles
  • Be consistent
  • Be very self aware and try hard to eat well most of the time.

It’s the BEST bit of advice I could ever give!! Crash diets, counting macros, counting calories and following strict food regimes creates a vicious cycle of starting again, again & again and it’s really boring!   Leading your life in this way is never going to give you your version of the perfect body.

Consistency over catastrophe

Life is for living and I am a huge advocate of that – I love a glass of red wine or a treat here and there – I’m not a robot!  I’m certainly not up for counting every grain of rice I eat, I’m not into weighing out my food, counting calories or measuring out macros. BUT I am consistent with my training (and consistent can mean just twice a week, but make it every week).  I am consistent with eating 4 nutritious meals per day so I don’t have cravings, and I am consistent with embracing who I am and the way I am made!

Give yourself some Self Love

I LOVE my body!  It’s strong, it’s carried 2 beautiful humans, it’s healthy and I feel good…….that’s perfect and enough for ME!  Take each day as it comes and make positive steps to being a better, happier, more confident YOU!!  

I am educating my tribe of women to strive for the best their body can be. They eat well, train hard and practice self love!!  It really is that simple – because they know that the perfect body is one that they can love.

Come and join my tribe, and be the best version of YOU x

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