Summer Body Or Body For Life – which would you prefer?

Scenario 1

Do you prirotise a summer body or a body for life? Think of this -summer is fast approaching and you know you’re going to have to pull on your shorts, perhaps a strappy top….where is my summer body?!  You panic….OMG how did that happen?!  Nothing fits quite like it should.  It’s all a bit snug…and you think ‘QUICK! I need to get into my summer clothes and QUICKLY!’ You take drastic action, but it feels like you are compromising on everything, and within a few days, it’s been ditched. 

Scenario 2

Summer is fast approaching and you are looking forward to getting your legs out, wearing that super strappy top that you feel amazing in!  BECAUSE you have been focusing on you, for a few weeks, perhaps months, making progress so you have a body for life!  Eating good quality, nutritious meals regularly, combining with some exercise and taking the 80/20 approach to life. Making sure that your mental health and physical health is taking priority, ensuring that you have a body that is going to serve you well now, and long into the future and not just for summer.

This is how my members live their lives! 

Make your health an absolute priority

They have decided that their health is a priority.  They want to feel the benefits mind, body and soul, and are committed to making good choices most days.  

Of course, we all fall off the wagon at times – we are human! BUT we don’t dwell on it – guilt is a wasted emotion and we move on, and QUICKLY! One day is not going to sabotage all the hard work they have put into themselves.

We are stronger when we work together

I have never been more proud of my members – they are stepping up, supporting each other through this very strange time in the private Facebook group. It is buzzing with advice, encouragement, support and love.  If I could have dreamt of a safe and supportive space for women to help each other, then it would look like this! All working together for their body for life!

If you want to have a chat with me about the membership site, just to find a bit more then please get in touch – I am here to help!

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