Top Tips For The Summer Holidays

The summer holidays!  Children home, more days out and all our routines turned upside down!  Here are my top tips for the summer holidays to stay on track, keep things ticking over or actually moving forward over this busy time.

it is not ok to start back in september

It’s NOT ok to start back in September!  Do not make this hard for yourself!  Do NOT give yourself a mountain to climb!  Training sessions can take as little as 10 minutes……you are making food for your kids so make it for yourself!  It’s ok to think about YOU too! 

make a plan

Make a plan…..when are you going to train?  Put it in the calendar, highlight it, it’s important and an appointment that cannot be missed!!  It doesn’t have to be all 7 days of the week!! Just 3 days out of the 7 is great!  

online platforms are genius

Online platforms!!!!  You do not need childcare to go to the gym, you do not need an extra 45 minutes to travel to and from the gym!  Join an online platform and do it all at home!  Stick the kids in front of the TV and have 10-30 minutes to yourself to workout!  It’s not selfish, it’s smart! 

take food with you!

Take food out with you!! Buy a decent cool bag and pack up yours and the kids food!  If you buy out your choices will be limited……’s not an inconvenience, it’s actually very convenient and you come home feeling great rather than bloated and fed up because you have eaten rubbish as that was all that was available!! 

be smart about this

Remember the more we look after ourselves the BETTER we feel!  In turn the more fun we have!!  Training gives us energy, not less and if we feel good about ourselves this has a direct impact on the people around us! 

Use the summer holidays to your advantage, do not admit defeat as there is no need and remember YOU are important too!!

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