Am i a personal trainer? Is this what i want to be? What is the difference between a personal trainer and a coach?

Is my job helping people to lose weight and get fit or is my job SOOOOOO much more than that!?

Can anyone be a personal trainer……………? Should people be researching their personal trainer/coach before they embark upon their journey…..YES absolutely! You HAVE to like them, like their approach and most importantly TRUST them and believe in what they are telling you to do will work! If you like them, like their approach and trust them your journey will be much smoother! If you are following your coaches advice but looking on google for other approaches MOVE ON as you are not putting your all into your coaches advice! Google is FULL of useless advice, put your faith and trust into someone and follow their word!

There is a huge difference between a personal trainer and a coach. Anyone can do a quick qualification (it doesn’t take long these days!) and then call themselves a personal trainer…….someone who beasts people and tells them what to eat, takes their hourly rate and moves on to the next person! But there is so much more involved than this!! For most people they need more than this!

I see myself as a coach……nutritional education (not just a plan to follow!), quality training prescription, mindset, support, encouragement, lifestyle, troubleshooting problems, getting inside the head of my clients, changing the person behind the goal, FRIEND, councillor, life coach……..the list is endless!

My approach is; “The Full Package”………..for me this is what produces long term results. I am only interested in long term results, education and people that are in it for the long haul! Quick fixes are for “personal trainers”, long term results are for “coaches”.

I LOVE my job! I LOVE caring for and helping people! Every single person i see (1-1 or on my online membership site) i invest energy into……..i want them to succeed and i make it my personal mission to help them do just that! There is a difference between liking your job as it pays the bills and loving your job, being passionate about your job and the by product is it pays the bills.

Get to know your Coach/Personal Trainer before you embark upon a journey with them, follow them on their social media pages…….watch what they do, how they deliver it and their approach. If what they talk about you can relate to, enjoy reading/watching it and it makes you want to reach out to them then this is a good sign and means you can trust them and they really can help you!! Do not be fooled into reaching out to someone because they look great in their hot pants/bikini and are promising you that you can look like them too if you follow what they tell you to do!! There are a lot of trainers/coaches out there making promises to make a big buck!

Who am i? A coach! The full package will only do! Long term health! Long term fat loss! Support, encouragement, education and advice that is delivered with love and authenticity!

I am building a tribe of women that are in it for the long haul! Want to change their lives and health through nutrition, quality training, mindset and lifestyle, not just to look amazing but to be the best version of themselves in all aspects of their lives!

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