The Full Package………A food plan& training plan for 30 days will NOT do it!

What a question! Is “looking good” a big enough goal? Is losing weight or losing fat enough of a goal to last? Does looking good and losing weight create enough WANT in women to change their life and for the long term?

In my experience……..the honest TRUTH! NO! Fat loss and dropping dress sizes is NOT enough for women to stay “on track” on a fat loss journey. I focus on changing a women’s reason WHY. It has to be more than just looking good in a pair of jeans!! How is that reason enough?


What about your health? We get one body, we have one life so why are we not focusing on our health, what is good for us, what will keep us from disease, what will give us optimal health! Diets will NOT bring optimal health, to me its abuse! Filling our body with chemicals, not enough fuel, processed foods and forcing our body to do something against its will!!

Mental health! WOW this is a big one. Food is mood. Exercise and correct training is natures anti-depressant. Ever done a diet and realised its effecting everything around you? Your relationships? Your mood? Your want to do things? Your energy levels? The way you FEEL? The body is like a complex machine, fuel it wrong and it will not do or behave how you want it to! It can only run smoothly when treated with respect!

You are unique! Be the best you

YOU! Your confidence and how you feel about YOU! This has a knock on effect again to everything in your life! For example; your marriage or relationship! If you genuinely find some self love and confidence through treating your body well with good nutrition and training it makes it a lot easier for others to love you! Taking your clothes off becomes something you actually want to do with your partner/husband (and with the lights on!!!!) Confidence in your body is SEXY, no matter what size or shape! If you start to love your hips, your thighs and your bum that will show and others will love those parts too!! For me, resistance training brings SO much confidence in women! its empowering! You get stronger physically which has an impact mentally! Self care and looking after your body for YOU is powerful!!

Support, motivation, accountability, encouragement! Us women need it

Productivity and how you SHOW UP! Energy levels, your want to do things, your attitude to life, how you approach others and situations. Your ability to cope with challenging situations. Your reaction to change. Being in optimal health, respecting your body, taking time to look after YOU makes you SHOW UP in the world on a higher frequency! This has a multitude of positive results……….business, parenting, career, relationships, friendships and much more.

Changing your reasons why, altering your goals to be much more and not just being thin for a holiday is ESSENTIAL.

Choose a plan for life!! 90 days is NOT going to change your life

THE FULL PACKAGE, i go ON and ON and ON about it being the full package for all of the reasons above…….and that is just a small summary!! Nutrition, quality training, mindset and lifestyle all come together to create the full package. A 30 day diet plan and an exercise plan is just NOT ENOUGH! It will be short lived, you will be back to square one and you will be looking for the same thing again shortly after.

For YOU chose to invest in YOU! Not just to look good but for the full package. Research and trust the person you chose to help you (help is essential) on this journey, do not fall for their promises of a 6 pack and a size 8 pair of jeans! Do not fall for their endless pictures of themselves looking immaculate with the perfect life selling you their life for £99!! This is YOUR journey, not theirs! Most people have REAL lives and are REAL people therefore need a REAL approach! With REAL support, REAL advice and realistic goals!

Start changing your reasons why, start loving you and bettering you for YOU and ONLY YOU!

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