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Say Goodbye To Crash Dieting

Say Goodbye To Crash Dieting Are you ready to say goodbye to crash dieting forever?  Fed up with going from one diet to another, feeling great for a short time to feeling absolutely rubbish again and the cycle to continue?  To say goodbye to crash dieting requires change, can feel uncomfortable BUT it will by … Continue reading “Say Goodbye To Crash Dieting”

Vicki PT

Effortless Weight Loss

Effortless Weight Loss Is there such thing as effortless weight loss?  I know, i know, i can hear women saying “no way!” or “yeah yeah……what fad is next for this”?  But honestly, with the right advice, a solid set of principles and the want to do it it can be effortless! Let me give you … Continue reading “Effortless Weight Loss”

Vicki PT


Setbacks Setbacks…..are they just part of life?  Do they come along to challenge us?  Test us to level up?  I am experiencing a big setback right now, its most certainly challenging me and i’m hoping for an almighty level up!!!!!!! In this blog i want to talk to you about how i am attacking this … Continue reading “Setbacks”

Vicki PT

Top Tips For Busy Women

Top Tips For Busy Women Im absolutely a busy woman!  Juggling children, a business, a home, a husband and everything else that goes with it.  Here are my top tips for busy women……… Get help Get help!!!  Let go of thinking you can do everything yourself!  Want to lose weight, get fit, get strong, feel … Continue reading “Top Tips For Busy Women”

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